BUTTE-As the new school semester draws near, many Butte parents have expressed interest in homeschooling their kids this year and one mom is leading the way to start a homeschooling co-op.

Stacey Butler is a Butte parent and says as part of the co-op, parents can work together to trade skills, lessons and ideas with each other.

She adds the co-op would do the same subjects as schools, follow all guidelines set out and even have events like sports and science fairs.

Butler says with the uncertainty of the coronavirus, this gives parents another option this fall. "There are families that are concerned about contracting the virus and then there are families that are concerned about the effects of social distancing and wearing masks at schools and how that might effect children as necessary as that may be," said Butler.

Butler started a Facebook group called homeschoolers of Butte. She adds all are welcome to checkout the page and there will be a meeting Tuesday night for more information on the co-op at 7 p.m. at Stodden Park.

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