BUTTE, Mont. - Halloween is just over a month away and Butte, the Parade City, is already gearing up for its yearly festival.

Soon, Lexington Gardens on the corner of Granite and Arizona Street in Uptown Butte will be packed with floats, costumes and high spirits to celebrate the second annual Butte Halloween parade.

That wasn't the case last year, as the parade took a year off due to COVID. But the event's sponsor, Butte America Foundation, is determined to push Butte's only night-time parade through in 2021. They're looking to spread some Halloween cheer in what has been a difficult time for everybody.

"It's a lot of fun seeing everybody in their costumes and the floats going down with various lights and stuff, since it is at sunset," said Matthew Boyle, the parade director for Butte American Foundation. "We try to make it a bright parade. It will be a nice, joyous day."

Being in its second year, the Halloween parade is still a fairly new addition to the Parade City's lineup and likely won't draw as much as attention as Butte's famed St. Patrick's Day parade in March. But Boyle remains hopeful for a promising turnout.

"I feel like we're doing a better job of getting the word out this year and really making people aware of it," Boyle said. "There's probably a good chance that it'll be bigger than the first year; a couple thousand people would be great."

Those looking to participate in the parade route can apply any time between now and Oct. 21 on the Butte America Foundation website, which also details all the necessary rules and fees to apply.

Those looking just to attend the parade for some fall fun are encouraged to bring their favorite costume (and some candy, too) to Lexington Gardens, where the parade is set to begin, at sundown (approximately 6:30 p.m.) on Halloween day.


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