Butte Testing

BUTTE - In Southwest Montana, dozens of people were tested for the coronavirus at a drive-up testing site at the Butte Plaza Mall, Tuesday afternoon.

The Butte Health Department along with the Southwest Montana Community Health Center and other organizations in Butte are teaming up to provide free COVID-19 testing at the mall for asymptomatic people.

Community Health Center nurse Sarah Borduin says asymptomatic means you aren't experiencing symptoms like chills, a fever, cough or loss of taste.

She adds the tests are being done as a study for the state. The goal is to find any community transmission that might be happening.

Borduin says over 100 nasal swabs were done on Monday and they plan to do even more tests this week.

Butte hasn't had a positive case in months, staying flat at 11 cases. However, Borduin says they anticipate more positive cases in the county as Montana continues to reopen.

"We just know it's better to be proactive and find cases if they're here then try to go backwards and have a large number of people where we don't know where the virus is or is not," said Borduin.

Staff say they will only contact you if you're positive. They will be testing again on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Butte Plaza Mall.

Anyone with symptoms in Butte is encouraged to call the Southwest Montana Community Health Center for a test.

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