BUTTE, Mont. -- One woman in Butte is organizing a volunteer effort to help keep the streets of the Mining City beautiful.

Local mom and daycare owner Allison Andersen is planning a volunteer neighborhood cleanup this Saturday, and she's still looking for more people to lend a hand.

Andersen has been planning this cleanup for some time, though she's experienced some bumps along the way in terms of receiving funding support from the city.

But Andersen considers herself fortunate to have gotten such a positive reaction from the community. She says that 15 people have already signed up to help out, as have a number of local businesses, including McGree Trucking, which has offered to provide dumpsters, and Pacific Steel & Recycling, which will help collect broken appliances.

"Most of the neighbors around here that I spoke with are very excited to be able to just help clean it up a little bit," Andersen said. "And every single business I've called for support and a donation have been excited and happy to help."

As recently as July, Butte had been listed as one of the ugliest cities in America by BuzzFeed. Andersen hopes that Saturday's cleanup effort will be transformative for the community.

"Our hope is just to clean up the aesthetics of the area and show the pride that we have as citizens of Butte in our community," Andersen said.

The cleanup will take place from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 2, and will cover the blocks between Travonia Street and Montana Street on the south side of Platinum Street.

While Andersen is thrilled with the backing she's already received, she hopes that at least 25 or more people will show up on Saturday morning with pickup truck in tow or shovel in hand.

If you're interested in joining the cleanup, or if you want to make a donation, you can contact Andersen at 406-498-1183.


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