OMG! I Have a Job

BUTTE- OMG! Mongolian Grill in Butte hosted its second annual “OMG! I Have a Job" event on Tuesday.

October is National Disability Employment Awareness month

Members of the disabled community were in charge of the restaurant on Tuesday, with the help of their job coaches and other employees.

The goal of the event was to raise money and to help get more disabled workers employed by showing the community and potential employers just how capable they are on the job.

Tom Cronnelly, owner of OMG! says the unemployment rate for disabled workers is roughly 30 percent and he adds many of those workers are capable of working and want to work.

Throughout the day, the restaurant had about 30 volunteers doing everything from handing out food, to rolling silverware and cleaning dishes.

Last year, the event raised over $1,200 for the Montana Association for Rehabilitation and organizers say they were able to get about 10 disabled workers jobs in the Butte community.

“Everybody can do something, you just have to find something for them to do and the learning curve for some folks with developmental disabilities might take a little bit longer but with repetition and a team they're able to pick it up,” Cronnelly said.

All the tips from the day's event will go to helping the Dish-Ability food truck with much needed repairs. Dish-Ability also helps to employ and train workers with disabilities.

Many of the workers will be participating in the Special Olympics State Basketball Tournament in Butte next month and Cronnelly says if you'd like to help out, they’re still in need of volunteers for the event.

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