Butte restaurant

BUTTE- As part of an ongoing program to reach out to people with disabilities, the OMG! Mongolian Grill celebrated raising $1,200 for the Montana Association for Rehabilitation on Friday.

October was National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and the OMG! Grill hosted the OMG! I Have a Job fair. All proceeds from the day went to the "OMG! I have a job" grant.

The OMG! Grill has multiple employees with disabilities and both the owners agree they're some of the most dedicated workers at their restaurant.

The restaurant said in a statement, the purpose of the grant is to "help people with disabilities retain, maintain, or gain employment by offering funds to assist with the costs associated with going to work." Grant money awarded to the workers with disabilities will help with transportation to and from work, uniforms and other work related items.

Eligible candidates can receive up to two $100 grants for the life of their job and in special circumstance, if the worker receives a new job they could be award a third grant with special approval. Each grant request is evaluated on a case by case bases.

Funds for recipients will be available after January 1.

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