BUTTE-Friday was a historic day over 30 years in the making for the Mining City as Chief Executive Dave Palmer signed the Butte Superfund Consent Decree.

On Wednesday night, the Butte-Silver Bow Council of Commissioners voted to approve Chief Executive Palmer to sign the decree.

Chief Executive Palmer was surrounded by Butte's Superfund Team and on lookers as he signed the document at the John Wardell Bridge, Friday afternoon.

The decree is an agreement between the Environment Protection Agency, Butte-Silver Bow County, Atlantic Richfield and the state of Montana to clean up years of mine waste in Butte.

County officials say the decree will benefit resident's health, the environment and the local economy, as parts of Butte will be transformed into recreational areas for residents.

"When it gets approved people are locked in, we know what we got to accomplish, why we got to accomplish it, how we're going to do it and now we get to design it and build it and then take care of it for future generations here in Butte," says Superfund Coordinator Jon Sesso.

Governor Steve Bullock is expected to sign off on the decree next week. Then the decree will need to pass the federal level but if all goes as planned, county officials say work is expected to begin late this summer.

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