Backpack giveaway

BUTTE-Back to school is just a few weeks away for students in the Mining City and Verizon Cellular Plus hosted a free backpack giveaway on Saturday morning to make going to school a little easier for students and parents.

Dozens of students lined up in front of the Cellular Plus on Harrison Avenue bright and early on Saturday morning to get a free backpack for the school year.

From blue to green and even red there was a backpack for every student at Cellular Plus on Saturday and they were all filled with back to school necessities including pencils, folders and rulers.

The goal of the backpack giveaway is to make going back to school a little easier for parents like Darren Drabant.

Drabant says he has six kids to but school supplies for and that can add up. "With the whole pandemic going on right now, especially as many kids as I have it's nice to be able to get something extra," said Drabant.

The backpacks weren't just for Butte students but Anaconda and Whitehall as well says assistant store manager Sierra Sanders.

Sanders says dozens of students and their parents were lined up an hour before the giveaway even started.

"I think with everything going on in the world right now, maybe it's a little harder for some parents to do the normal back to school shopping so it's definitely nice to be able to help out when we can," said Sanders.

Sanders said they gave out roughly 200 backpacks to students and she adds the giveaway wouldn't of been possible without the generosity and support of the Butte community.

"It's great to give back to our community especially children and it's great to give back and help in a way that impacts our future with our kids," said Sanders.

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