Class of 2020 Masks

BUTTE - Graduation for the Butte High Class of 2020 is now less than a week away, and two women are teaming up to make masks for everyone at graduation.

Butte High Senior mom, Stacey Butler, says she was thrilled to hear her daughter will still get a graduation ceremony next week. When Butler heard the news, she decided she wanted to do something special for her daughter and others on their big day.

They learned everyone in attendance has to wear a masks and that’s when Butler had the idea to make custom Butte High School masks for students and family members.

Butler says she teamed up with Cathy Newville, the owner of Wings of Hope Graphics, to make masks in four different designs for the ceremony.

Butler says she sews the masks and Newville prints the designs onto the masks.

In just a few weeks, Butler says they've already sold 225 masks. All the masks are in Butte High purple and will match the seniors caps and gowns. The graduation ceremony is next Wednesday night at the Civic Center.

"I really hope they get a class picture with everybody in their mask cause I think it will look really awesome," Newville said.

Butler adds it's important to support the seniors during these tough times.

"She has worked hard for the past 12 years and this is kind of an important right of passage for these kids," Butler said.

Newville adds they have car and window decals available for the seniors as well.

The masks are $5 each with four different options and for more information on how to donate a mask to a senior in need or to purchase them, you can contact Butler on Facebook or at 406-490-4080.

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