BUTTE, Mont. -- As the snow poured down on a cold, miserable Wednesday in Butte, the folks at Bert Mooney Airport were all warm and happy on the inside, as they celebrated the addition of another airline to the airport for the first time in 15 years.

Wednesday marked the first flight into Bert Mooney Airport from an airline other than Delta since 2007.

The addition of United Airlines to the airport's flight options means passengers can now fly directly to Denver, alongside the existing Delta-manned flight to Salt Lake City.

Though inclement weather and COVID cases among staff have caused flights from larger airports around the country to experience delays and cancellations, Bert Mooney has been rolling along through the winter season just the same with no such problems.

"It's everyone working together," said Bert Mooney Airport director Pam Chamberlain. "[Even] the airlines in other areas with their flight crews. We've been lucky so far, so we've been blessed in that area."

Even with the heavy snow as of late, business has been steady, Chamberlain says, especially this week, and that may or may not have to do with a certain football game in Frisco, Texas on Saturday.

"We have lots of passengers that are going to the [Montana State football] game," Chamberlain said. "[Thursday] and Friday, we'll have people leaving."

The addition of a second airline is part of a series of renovations at Bert Mooney Airport, as Chamberlain hopes the Butte-based airport becomes a more viable travel option for residents. Other renovations include November's repainting of the famous F-86 Sabre fighter jet outside the airport's entrance.


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