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POWER, Mont. - There are concerns when it comes to our farmers and their safety. The state Department of Labor and Industry has shared alarming new numbers that show out of 38 work-related deaths in 2019, farmers accounted for 42%.

The nature of their job is dangerous; operating large moving machines, making repairs, and working with large animals that can be unpredictable.

Most farmers live and work in remote areas, making for longer response times in the event of an emergency.

Most of these injuries happen when farmers and ranchers are working against the clock.

Eric Somerfeld, a farmer and rancher from Power, has dedicated his whole life to the farm. He knows their deadlines change quickly as they adapt to market trends and weather patterns. According to Somerfeld, most of these injuries happen when they’re working against the clock.

"Typically a lot of this involves being in a hurry, being in a rush and just slowing down and thinking about what you're doing and what you're gonna do and what can happen is gonna save lives as much as anything,” Somerfeld said.

He explains how their drive to produce and provide sometimes means sacrificing their lives.

"The biggest thing is education on slowing down. That's probably one of the biggest things that causes some of these deaths,” Somerfeld said.

You can find the latest safety tips and resources from the National Farmers Union here.

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