Crews responding to fire that burned down LaHood Park Steakhouse in Cadwell

CARDWELL, Mont. - It has been a week since the LaHood Park Steakhouse in Cardwell burned down, and now funds are being raised to help out two people who lived in the basement apartment.

Stephanie and Zane rented the basement apartment at the steakhouse and were both able to make it out safely with their two dogs and a handful of clothes a GoFundMe for the two says.

“They have lost so much and our hearts just ache for them. Stephanie lost not only her home, but her job as well,” fundraiser organizer Sarah Moran wrote. “Any help and support is so very much appreciated. All donations will go directly to Stephanie and Zane.”

The fundraiser has a goal of $1,000 and you can view the GoFundMe page here.

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