BUTTE, Mont. - It's well-known among Butte residents that the Mining City has the highest Irish heritage per capita of any town in the nation. A simple glance down Main Street or really anywhere through Uptown Butte reveals the town's proud Irish heritage- one that brought the current Irish Ambassador to Mining City.

Daniel Mulhall, Ireland's Ambassador to the United States, came all the way from the Emerald Isle to the Treasure State this week in hopes of strengthening his country's economic and personal relations with Montana, citing the state's Irish heritage as one reason for doing so.

During his visit, Mulhall found that Big Sky Country's affinity for Ireland shines through, and he hopes he can return for more of it in the future.

"I can tell you, I'm definitely coming back to Montana," Mulhall said. "I've enjoyed so much immersing myself in the genuine affection for Ireland that exists in Montana, and in Butte in particular. And I want to experience more of that. Now that I've sampled it, I'll be looking for more."

During his stay, Ambassador Mulhall visited historic heritage sites and met with members of the state legislature in Helena before touring the state's technological developments at the Montana Connections Business Development Park just outside of Butte, among other stops throughout the state.

One of the ambassador's stops at the business park came at the REC silicon plant, noting that much of Ireland's silicon importing for technology is from Montana itself.

As for his planned future return to Montana, the ambassador said he would love to attend the famous yearly St. Patrick's Day Parade in Butte, but mentioned that he's usually quite busy around that time of year.


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