BUTTE, Mont. - Montana Tech University is hosting a number of occasions this week, including Digger Integrity Day on Wednesday morning.

Now in its second year of existence, Digger Integrity Day is an educational outreach event, and the main purpose is to teach students that you can do your work honestly and still have fun.

To emphasize that idea, the university hosted a handful of events, the most notable being the escape room: a sort of game where you use your wits and the clues around you to find a way out. This escape room was themed against plagiarism and promoted academic integrity.

"We have some student interest, and prizes always help," said Dawn Atkinson, the writing director at Montana Tech. "We're very excited this year to be able to do it in person."

For those not interested in escape rooms, the university also hosted a pumpkin painting event in the Student Union Building.


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