Bed Races

BUTTE- The annual Bed Races are one of the more unusual Homecoming traditions at Montana Tech, and this year featured an upset win, as a different team took the top title away from the six-year champion.

Ten teams competed in the annual event on Friday, with the top teams racing down the hill from the Student Union Building past the football field in under 20 seconds. President of the American Association of Drilling Engineers at Montana Tech Daniel Hannink says it's his favorite Homecoming event.

"It's a little scary, the wind's whipping around, it was kind of chilly this morning, so you have that but it's a rush. A lot of adrenaline," Hannink said.

Hannink's team won last year and their club has been using the same bed for the past 6 years. They just had to make some steering adjustments and fix the tires.

Each bed cart must have a mattress, a steering system and braking system, says Director of Campus Life Scott Forthofer.

Each participating team makes the bed and Forthofer says it is a great hands on learning experience for studnets. He adds, "I don't know very many other locations where students are actually making a bed that has wheels and then racing them."

Each racer on the bed must also wear a helmet and safety pads before taking off down the hill.

This year, the American Society of Safety Engineers took home the gold with Hannink and his team coming in a close second.

Forthofer says the bed races are a great way to wrap up Homecoming events.

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