BUTTE, Mont. - The weeks around 9/11 can be a stressful time for American veterans, and those feelings may be amplified this year with the situation in Afghanistan. And Montana veterans in particular are among the most susceptible to poverty and suicide of any state in the country.

But a group from Helena is looking to help those vets through the power of talk.

On Wednesday night at the Marine Corps League in Butte, representatives from the Montana Veterans Health Administration hosted a support group for Butte Veterans and their families.

The purpose of the meeting was to allow those vets to express their worries and frustrations regarding current military events, with a a key central message: they are not alone.

"Any time you get a group of veterans together to share their experiences, we know that's going to help," Mike Clague, a member of the Butte-Silver Bow Veterans Treatment Corps, said. "Veterans are better talking to fellow veterans about their issues."

Before Wednesday night's meeting in Butte, the VA held a similar service in Helena. They plan to hold another one in Missoula in the near future.

ABC FOX was not able to film any footage from Wednesday night's meeting out of respect for the veterans present, so they could share their stories in a judgment-free manner. But the VA wants people to know that any and all veterans are welcome to attend these support groups, whether they want to share their stories or just listen to other veterans.


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