Butte holds fundraiser for Ukrainian children

BUTTE, Mont. - If there's a lesson to be learned from Tuesday night's Fundraiser for Ukrainian Children at Butte's Knights of Columbus, it's that, even when tragedy strikes over 5,000 miles away, the people of Butte, America still want to lend a hand.

The invasion of Ukraine has shaken up the lives of millions of people. Dr. Mimi Bartoletti of Butte has family in Ukraine, and staying in contact with them through the invasion has been a day-to-day challenge that has often left her feeling hopeless.

So Bartoletti has decided to build some hope herself by organizing the Fundraiser for Ukrainian Children as a way of providing the needy kids of Ukraine some relief.

"This was really born out of a need for me to feel like I can make a difference, and I couldn't think of a better place to do it than Butte, Montana, where I honestly believe everybody in this town has some sort of roots to an immigrant past," Bartoletti said. "It's an issue all of us can relate to whether or not we're Ukrainian."

All the proceeds from Tuesday night's fundraiser are going toward the Columbus Children's Foundation, which will help Ukrainian children with pre-existing medical conditions relocate to Poland and get the medical care that they require.

Those who attended the fundraiser were able to hear from Bartoletti and others, while enjoying a traditional Ukrainian meal in the form of borscht, a kind of soup made from beets.


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