BUTTE - The Southwest Montana Community Health Center and the Butte-Silver Bow Health Department's free COVID-19 testing event has been postponed due to weather. Check Montana Right Now for updates on when testing will be rescheduled.

While the event is intended for asymptomatic residents, symptomatic residents will not be turned away. However, symptomatic residents are recommended to see a primary care doctor and not attend the event at the mall.

"You'll pull forward and one of our testers will guide you on how to collect a sample from the middle nose area, on both sides of the nostril," said Serena Brewer, medical director at Southwest Montana Community Health Center. "Once you're done collecting it you'll hand it off to the team and we'll send it back to the lab."

Those who get tested will go through a drive thru, and will be required to fill out forms before the test. The health center will only contact someone if their result is positive.

Brewer also said that the event is to help understand how pervasive the virus is in the Butte community.

"We need to understand how to keep our community safe and healthy and keep from becoming overwhelmed like other Montana communities, that are currently kind of under siege from this virus," Brewer said.

According to The City-County of Butte-Silver Bow, there were 102 active cases as of October 14. The county is yet to record a death from the virus.

Yellowstone County has seen the most COVID cases, with 4,480 as of October14 according to a report by The New York Times. 217 deaths have been recorded in the state, according to the same report.

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