Butte-Silver Bow mobile clinic

BUTTE, Mont. - Butte-Silver Bow’s Unified Health Command is planning the next phase of the county’s mass COVID-19 vaccination effort, according to a press release.

Health Officer Karen Sullivan said Monday that plans include deployment of vaccine to various employer sites in the county, as well as other venues, including Montana Technological University and Highlands College, private and public schools, senior centers, substance use disorder centers, churches and religious centers, disability services venues, state and federal offices and social atmospheres, such as breweries, bars and music venues.

Sullivan said the Health Department intends to deploy its mobile clinic to assist in the county effort.

Pharmacies will continue to be locations where COVID-19 vaccines can be scheduled and obtained. Additionally, more and more, COVID-19 vaccinations will also become available at primary care offices, statewide and in Butte-Silver Bow.

The Unified Health Command will be releasing information to the public over the coming weeks and months about where vaccines may be obtained. For now, those seeking a vaccination may access information at https://vaccinefinder.org/.

As of Monday, Butte-Silver Bow had administered a total of 30,065 doses of COVID-19 vaccine. That puts Butte-Silver Bow at 1,052.1 doses per 1,000 population, the state’s second-highest vaccination rate. Montana stands at 833.1 doses per 1,000 population.

In Butte-Silver Bow, 13,803 individuals are fully immunized. That’s 48.3% of the county’s eligible population, and 39.53% of the county’s total population. In Montana, 31.17% of the total population is immunized.

“In Butte-Silver Bow, our goal over the coming months is to have 80 percent of the county’s entire population fully immunized,” Sullivan said, noting that officials cannot yet vaccinate those under age 16.

Sullivan said county officials and the Unified Health Command are working on details related to a major campaign focusing on vaccine education and incentives.

More information on vaccine distribution in Butte-Silver Bow and in Montana can be found at: montana.maps.arcgis.com/.

On Monday, the Health Department released its weekly COVID-19 data report. As of Sunday, May 2, the department was reporting 4,089 positive cases in the county, since Butte-Silver Bow was informed of its first COVID-19 case March 13, 2020. Of those, 3,991 have recovered, and 13 cases remain active.

For the week of April 24-30, the Health Department reported 14 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19, down 12 cases from the previous week of April 17-23, when 26 new cases were reported.

Based on those 14 new cases, daily average cases for the week of April 24-30 was two, down from the previous week’s daily average cases of four. Cases per 100,000 population for the week of April 24-30 was two, down from 11 per 100,000 the previous week.

The county’s current positivity rate – the percent of people testing positive for the COVID-19 virus in a given time period – decreased from the previous time period, moving to 2.4 percent in the time period of April 21-27, from 3.6 percent in the previous time period.

You can view the full report below:

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