ASHLEY LORING HEAVYRUNNER: Missing for two years, the Loring's share their outlook on her disappearance

The Loring's emotional journey in searching for Ashley Loring HeavyRunner

BROWNING- Ashley Loring HeavyRunner has been a key piece to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People Movement and now as we approach the two year anniversary of her disappearance her family still isn’t giving up.

In an exclusive interview with us, the Loring's they tell us "there's really never a good day". It's how Jenna and Justin Loring, Ashley's aunt and uncle describe the day to day agonizing struggle to "keep on going".

Between balancing their own kids, hanging up posters around town, and conducting long searches up in the mountains- this family hasn’t given up hope. Instead, they're using Ashley's disappearance to change their outlook on life.

"Now we are very protective of our kids, I don't even let them walk 10 feet without me beside them. I keep them aware with what's going on,” said Jenna & Justin Loring, Ashley's aunt, and uncle.

Ashley is one of the thousands of Native Americans who fall under the missing and murdered Indigenous people. Her case goes unsolved like so many others. But, it’s her story that really brought the MMIP Movement to the forefront of not just Montana but North America.

Ashley Loring HeavyRunner's family speaking out about what happened to Ashley

BROWNING- Right now, as we approach the two year anniversary of Ashley Loring Heavyrunner's disappearance the Loring's are left with no answers regarding Ashley's whereabouts.

In talking with Ashley's grandma, Loxie Loring- she believes Ashley was killed because she heard speculation that Ashley was murdered.

However, this family can't confirm that because there's still no sign of Ashley's whereabouts or that someone killed her.

"I just can't see why something like that or what happened to her. Because she wasn't a problem or anything,” said Loxie Loring, Ashley's Grandma.

Ashley's grandma shares with us she's also heard rumors about people seeing Ashley appear in Cut Bank and Baab. But, hasn't seen or heard from Ashley herself. Right now Loxie Loring amongst the other Loring's just want closure and to have their peace of mind back.

This evening, June 5th join us for a special report as we sit down with the Loring family in an exclusive interview. We'll share with you about the last time the family saw Ashley, what they continue to do to find her and how her story is starting a movement some say, is generations too late.

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