Browning football team shovels out community after September winter storm

Browning High School football shovels out people's driveways after 4 ft. of snow dumped on the community. 

BROWNING- They're used to helping each other out on the football field under the Friday night lights. But this week a September winter storm gave a snow day to a local team who used the day to help out their community, one driveway at a time.

It's an incredible act of kindness. When the snow piled up in Browning, this team got together and decided to take action. They knew exactly where to start and didn't let freezing temperatures slow them down.

"Everyone in Browning comes to our games, they support even though they don't have to, so we just wanted to give back,” said Weslee Pree, a Browning High School football player.

Teamwork is something the Browning football team is used to on the field, but this weekend, record-breaking snowfall changed their plans. The team said they decided to help shovel out their snowed in elders. It's one way they wanted to pay respect to them for coming to their football games in the cold.

Ansel Traynor, the Browning High School football team head coach said they're well aware of the abundance of snowfall Browning gets every year which is why the lent a helping hand while using this time for team bonding.

"We were at houses and then people saw us coming and then other people would come outside and say 'hey can you get my car out for me' so we helped as many people as we could," said Traynor.

The team said it was the perfect way to get in a work out on a snow day. They were able to clear snow from 11 houses.

"Every single boy is willing to learn, they're coachable, they're very competitive. The community itself comes together in hard times, everybody pitches in, does their job, it's really fun to see and be a part of,” said Traynor.

Those who got help from the team were very grateful. Some folks were beeping at them, rolling down their windows, screaming out thank you.

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