Starting Tuesday significant changes are coming to concealed weapons permits in Cascade County. Sheriff Jesse Slaughter says it’s all about protecting your second amendment rights.

They’ll cost $5 cheaper; dropping from $55 to $50 each. The standard $25 for renewals is set to remain the same.

According to the Sheriff fingerprinting will no longer be required for anyone seeking a concealed weapon permit, saying these measures are to make everything easier.

"For those of you that don't have hunter's safety or don't have an NRA certified class, this is another way for you to get certified with your concealed weapon permit. Plus another way for us to get to know our citizens. We're really excited about it," said Sheriff Slaughter.  

The Sheriff’s Office also plans to host two concealed carry classes next year; one in the Spring and another in the Fall. These classes will have a set amount of spots. The Sheriff says he’ll announce more details soon on where, when, and how to sign up.

You can find more information about current qualification guidelines here.

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