We continue sharing the good as we capture an emotional reunion between a family and their late mother's postman. Longtime Great Falls resident Rachel Barrett died of cancer earlier this year but her family is thanking her postman, Steve Purcell, for his constant support; cheering up their mother until her very last day.  

Steve the Postman visits the Barrett house every single day on his Electric City route along 4th Avenue North. Rachel’s children say he’s been stopping to chat with their mother for close to a decade.

“It's just something we do, it's in our heart,” said Purcell.

Rachel  was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and lost her fight earlier this year. Some of her children live out of state, but reached out to us, explaining why Steve's daily visit gave them a piece of mind.

“He had no reason to go out of the way and be kind to my mother, but he did. And it wasn't part of his job, but it was a highlight in her life as well,” said Wayne Barrett, Rachel's son

Steve explains why their daily interactions left a lasting impact.

“She'd just ask how I was doing and how she was doing. We'd just talk real quick through the screen while I was scanning. She was an absolute angel and she cared about me when I went through my surgery, she was the highlight of my day,” explained Purcell. He says Rachel loved gushing about her children and grandchildren.

Wayne describes how Steve brightened up some of his mother’s darkest days, “It's important we recognize people who go out of their way to make other people feel good. Up until the end, made sure she spoke to him everyday and mostly it was him making a point of showing up and saying I'll see you tomorrow or if he had a day off 'I'll see you Thursday' and she'd say 'Well God willing' and he'd say 'No, you Promise.' Those are thing sometimes people don't do anymore.”

According to Wanye, Steve’s a “Pretty incredible gentleman. Call him a hero, call him somebody that went out of their way, to us it's meaningful. In our society today we don't do a very good job in the human aspect of what we're supposed to do.”

Months later, the house may have been sold to a new family, but Steve says he'll always remember Rachel's kindness.

“I miss her a lot. I'll still think of her every time I come by here.”

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