Afiq Hisham

Growing up for much of his life in Malaysia, Afiq had always felt a connection to storytelling. Whether it was through writing journal entries or reading the local paper, he admired the power of the pen in giving others a platform. This admiration quickly became inspiration, and set the building block for his pursuit of journalism at a young age.

During parts of his life, he attended schools in different countries as he traveled the world with his parents, who had their own academic pursuits. As they studied abroad in England and Canada, Afiq’s interactions with different cultures and people from all walks of life instilled a personal sense of empathy that’s continued to this day. 

Before he became KFBB’s web guru in Great Falls, Afiq worked as an assistant producer at Northwest Public Broadcasting, where he edited audio newscasts for NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered. He learned the fundamentals of writing for web and broadcast at the station, but he also owes some of that to Washington State University, where he got his degree in Communication: Journalism and Media Production as a Coug.

When he’s not reporting, Afiq enjoys reading, dancing, playing video games and doing voiceover projects as a hobby. But when the weather’s nice, he also likes the occasional hike and cycling about town.

Afiq is eager to connect with the Great Falls community as he fine tunes his reporting skills, and hopes to get involved as much as possible during his time in the Treasure State.

If you have any story ideas or feel there’s a topic that needs covering, you can get in touch with Afiq at

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