Megan Lewis

Megan is excited to return to the Electric City after an 8-year hiatus. She and her husband Josh met in Great Falls when she started her broadcast career as a Sports Reporter/Anchor in 2005. After moving to Alaska, courtesy the USAF, Megan took an interest in the news side of broadcast and became a managing producer/evening anchor.

Megan left Alaska and headed across the pond to England where she dabbled in radio broadcast in Mildenhall, Suffolk County.

Fast forward to 2016 Megan and her family were now headed back to Montana where she wasn’t sure about getting back into broadcasting. That’s when a simple day at the Belt rodeo turned everything around.

The program featured the crew at KFBB and that crew included her old friend Ben Kaplan. After a quick chat with him, her fate was sealed and back in broadcast is where she landed.

Starting as a producer for one newscast Megan quickly worked her way up the ladder through Executive Producer into News Director.

When she’s not working or watching any of her favorite Philadelphia sports teams, Megan, Josh and their son JJ love to camp, hunt, fish and do just about anything outdoors.

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