Ballots to be sent out in countywide election in the Gallatin County this week

GREAT FALLS - Cascade County is holding the June primary election through a mail only ballot in concerns to the spread of coronavirus.

Governor Steve Bullock announced a Directive on Elections on Wednesday requiring counties to honor social distancing guidelines in the primaries to protect Montanans against COVID-19.  

"As Cascade Counties Elected Election Administrator, I have a sworn duty to ensure all electors in this county have access to the voting process as prescribed by the Montana Constitution, law and rule," Cascade County Clerk and Recorder and Election Administrator Rina Moore said in a release. "Therefore, the decision to conduct a mail only election is to ensure all qualified electors have access to the polling process and to protect the health, safety and welfare of our citizens, employees and our election judges.

According to the release, many of the county election judges hired to help at the polling locations are within the age considered at a great risk from coronavirus. In order to keep the community safe, the county is holding the primary election through the mail, which is on June 2. 

"Montanans should never have to choose between their safety and their democracy," Governor Bullock said in the release. "Fortunately, Montana already has a simple, clear, well-established set of procedures in law that govern mail elections." 

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