HELENA- Information on COVID-19 cases in Montana K-12 schools and universities will be updated by the Department of Health and Human Services each week.

The system will be added to the DPHHS website and will be updated every Wednesday unless there is a major event Governor Steve Bullock says.

The system will protect student data in small schools and provide a basic level of information.

“It’s critically important that we’re transparent for teachers, staff and parents while at the same time following privacy requirements,” Bullock said.

For schools with over 50 students, the number of COVID-19 positive staff and students will be shared along with the name of the school and which county the school is in.

Schools with 11 to 50 students will only have the number of students and staff who have tested positive, and the information will not distinguish between the two.

Any school with 10 or fewer students will not be reporting weekly to protect the privacy of students.


Gov. Steve Bullock gives an update on COVID-19 in Montana

Posted by KFBB on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

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