Dontation Hotline

MISSOULA - What started as one woman going on grocery runs for those who can't leave their homes, has now grown into Missoula's Delivery Hotline.

From toilet paper, to shampoo and even dish soap, the home delivery hotline is now more than a delivery service.

"They come here and pick up things that the food bank doesn't provide like toiletries and paper products," Volunteer Coordinator Zita Stumhofer said.

Stumhofer is one of 80 volunteers who do everything from sanitizing donations, dropping off deliveries, and of course answering the phone.

"I think in the last hour I took in about have a dozen it was a busy afternoon," Stumhofer said.

Getting 10 to 20 calls a day, this grassroots community organization is always in need of donations.

"We never have enough in ways of disinfectants like wipes and sprays," Stumhofer said.

The home delivery hotline is grateful for everyone who donates but they are asking the community to consider making donations on a regular basis

"Once is wonderful but we could really use more of a regular basis as long this goes on and who knows how long that will be," Stumhofer said.

The home delivery hotline is accepting donations Monday through Thursday.

If you are in need of assistance, you can contact them at (406)219-1843.

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