MISSOULA - The last time you bought furniture, did you buy it new or used?  A new business in downtown Missoula is highlighting the importance of shopping used.

"I've been collecting lamp shades for over a year," Missoula Used Furniture owner LoLo Mason said as she adds another lamp shade to the shelf.

For Mason finding vintage furniture is a passion.

"I just brought this piece in today and I absolutely love it," Mason said pugging in a lamp shaped like a bouquet of flowers, "This is from the 70's." 

At first, going to garage sales and thrift stores was just a hobby, but Mason soon realized it could be more.

"I was just selling on Facebook market place, I would go to estate sales and auctions and then I realized it was a good way to make money so I made it my full time gig," Mason said.

So she left Facebook and set up an Instagram account to sell her wares.

"When I made the Instagram account I just called it Missoula Used Furniture and added a picture of a chair that I had in my storage unit at the time," Mason said. 

She started by selling furniture from her house and storage unit for a bit, but about a month ago she found this storefront downtown.

"It's all just been a dream come true really it's exactly what I want to do," Mason said, "I love to treasure hunt and now I get to treasure hunt everyday!"

Mason truly believes one mans trash is another mans treasure, and she hopes her store will help others realize that too.

"I just really want to highlight the importance of buying used I just think it is really important today to buy used because there is so much out there instead of buying new," Mason said.

But she's not going at it alone, every month mason will host a new vender who could be selling anything from ceramics, to art, or glass ware.

"There are so many good vintage sellers here in town that do this as a hobby so why not bring them in here to my shop and while I am taking appointments they can shop their stuff too," Mason said.

Even with a storefront now Mason still does a lot of her sales over Instagram, and because of the pandemic she plans on keeping it that way for a while longer. But if you want to shop in store you can schedule a 30 min shopping appointment online.

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