Glacier National Park emphasizing situational awareness among park visitors after tragic rock fall death

MISSOULA - Glacier National Park has outlined a new reopening plan after being closed for two months.

GNP decided on a phased reopening plan to align with how the rest of the Treasure State is re-opening.

GNP is planning to start phase one of reopening in June, however, they have not released an exact date. During phase one, only vehicle access will be allowed to some park roads as well as limited access to trails with no other services available other than public restrooms.

Depending on how things go during phase one, phase two will start in June or July as health conditions allow. During phase two there limited access to campgrounds, boating and backcountry permits will be available. There will be limited visitor and ranger stations but during phase two they plan to re-open book stores, lodging and on-the-go food service.

The third and final phase will open more campgrounds, personal boating, other facilities and services, and ranger-led programs.

GNP says during the reopening they are focused on protecting employees and the public from COVID-19. GNP will adjust their plan depending on changing conditions. 

Right now, their message to any visitors is that if you are sick, please do not visit the park. Also prepare for limited food services, lodging and activities as only restrooms and limited trails will be open during phase one. Visitors are asked to follow CDC guidelines when it comes to social distancing and reducing the spread of COVID-19.

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