Bill to prohibit vaccine status discrimination may have lasting effects on MT hospitals

HELENA, Mont. - Guidance for employers and care providers on implementation of HB 702 was released Wednesday by Montana’s Departments of Labor & Industry and Public Health and Human Services.

The ​law prohibits discrimination in Montana based on vaccination status or possession of an immunity passport by a person, governmental entity, employer, or public accommodation, as stated in a release.

“This guidance will help Montana employers and businesses stay in compliance with the law and help ensure that Montanans do not face discrimination due to their vaccine status,” Montana Commissioner of Labor & Industry Laurie Esau said.

“DPHHS urges compliance with HB 702 and stands ready to help our providers, provider associations, and other partners navigate the law,” DPHHS Director Adam Meier said. “We appreciate our partners’ efforts to prevent discrimination based on vaccination status and believe this guidance will prove useful as they work to better understand and implement the law.”

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