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Elouise Cobell of the Blackfeet Tribe was one of several Native women acknowledged in the resolution for their contributions to the U.S. Image courtesy of Blackfeet Nation. 

Late Wednesday evening, the U.S. Senate passed a $2.2 trillion stimulus package. As of Thursday morning, we’re beginning to learn more about where all that money is going. 

$10 billion is going towards Indian Country; here’s how some of it breaks down:

  • $7.6 million is going towards housing funds

  • $300 million is going towards the Special Diabetes Program for Indians

  • $100 million is helping the Food Distribution Program

Senator Jon Tester says in Sunday’s original stimulus package, there was no aid specifically for Indian Country, despite it being home to some of the most vulnerable populations. 

“There's one group of people other than veterans and seniors that are going to be really impacted by the coronavirus and that's Native Americans. Because many of them already have conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and those kinds of things. So we worked hard to make sure that we got money for Indian country,” said Senator Tester during a press call Wednesday. 

The package has passed the Senate, but still needs to go back to the House for a vote. That’s expected to happen Friday morning, and the President has indicated he will sign the package into law. 

We also spoke with Senator Daines about the stimulus package, specifically in regards to COVID-19 testing. You can read that story here.


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