KALISPELL- A healthcare worker in Kalispell has been confirmed to have tested positive for the coronavirus.

A release from Kalispell Regional Healthcare (KRH) says the worker recently traveled and came back to work at KRH. KRH did not say where the worker traveled from other than that he traveled from out of state.

During a press conference Saturday, officials said the worker’s movement before he was tested were looked at, and no other location he went to other than Kalispell Regional Healthcare was considered a place of exposure:

KRH says once they became aware of the situation, they immediately tested two other individuals and contacted the Flathead City-County Health Department. 

Officials said during the press conference that 14 patients and 9 employees had potential exposure and all have been advised to be in quarantine.

The other test results are not currently in.

The release says this situation caused some of their workers to be exposed to COVID-19 and they expect there to be other positives. 

KRH Chief Medical Officer Doug Nelson, M.D. says they believe the exposure to be limited and localized but they intend to use an abundance of caution.

Only appointments and surgeries that need to be done are being done at KRH at this time.

A phone line will be staffed 24 hours a day by nurses and other professionals that people can call for advice at 406-809-7272.

Flathead County currently has two confirmed cases of coronavirus.

If you have any questions, you are asked to contact the Flathead City-Couty Health Department.

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