MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula County has surpassed one COVID-19 case record, and is closing in on another, health officials reported Tuesday. 

According to a release from the Missoula-City County Health Department, the county reporter 157 new cases of the coronavirus on Saturday, Sept. 11, marking the highest case count in a single day since the start of the pandemic.

On Monday, MCCHD reported a total of 221 new cases from over the weekend, and 121 cases on Tuesday. With Tuesday's numbers, the total active cases in Missoula County are just 31 cases short of topping the county's record of 1,217 active cases reported in November 2020.  

If the pattern of new daily cases continues, MCCHD said Missoula County will likely surpass its record for confirmed active cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday.

“Just over 52% of 20 to 29-year-olds have received at least one shot, which is nowhere near herd immunity,” Missoula County Health Officer D’Shane Barnett said in the release. “It is no coincidence that this age group is making up the majority of our cases right now.”

MCCHD said it is crucial for the entire community to contribute their part in regard to other mitigation efforts.

“We’re getting troubling calls from employees who say their employers have asked them to come to work despite testing positive for COVID-19, having symptoms or being identified as a close contact. That will only exasperate the situation further,” COVID-19 Incident Commander Cindy Farr said in the release.

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