MCT Schoolhouse Rock Cast

MISSOULA, Mont. - Celebrating 50 years on stage the Missoula Community Theatre is getting ready for their first (and last) show of the season, and the cast is so excited to get in front of a crowd for the first time in a long time.

"Its like a weight lifted off of our shoulders," MCT Artistic Director Joseph Martinez said.

The Missoula Community Theatre is gracing the stage once again, this time with their performance of the iconic show "Schoolhouse Rock Live."

"We are celebrating our 50th year this year and Schoolhouse Rock was written in the '70s, so we though this was a nice tie-in to our 50th year and its a lot of fun, educational, the whole family will love it," Martinez said.

As the actors practice their lines in the spotlight this week, just the other month, this stage was empty.

"We do five shows a season normally, and the fact is we haven't done that in over a year, if feels like doors are finally opening for us," Martinez said.

It's time for an encore. These seasoned (and vaccinated) actors are ready to take the stage. And they are doing their part to make sure it is safe for everyone.

"We do temperature checks when you come in, wash your hands when you come in, wear your masks when you come in,  and we are still rehearsing with masks on," Martinez said, "We are trying to be safe we don't want anyone to get sick."

As these actors go back to school, they are excited to see folks back in the theater.

Schoolhouse Rock Live premieres in Missoula with limited seating May 7-9th. If you can't get tickets in house don't worry, the show will also be live streamed until the 16th.

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