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MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula County residents are being encouraged to make use of the Missoula City-County Health Department’s (MCCHD) COVID-19 testing services at its Flynn Lane clinic, 4025 Flynn Lane, to keep everyone’s summer safe and healthy.

“Even if residents aren’t displaying symptoms of COVID-19, screening individuals for asymptomatic cases can help stop community spread of the virus,” the health department said in a release. “Furthermore, occasional screening for COVID-19 in children who are too young to be vaccinated can put parents at ease.”

The health department said it may be wise to get tested before and after the following:

  • Family reunions, large barbecues, and similar gatherings
  • Unvaccinated kids attending summer camps or similar activities
  • Returning from travel
  • Concerts or similar events

Those who work in occupations with lots of public contact should consider COVID-19 testing as well as people returning from travel or large gatherings MCCHD said. Parents should also consider occasional testing for unvaccinated children who have been in contact with lots of other children the health department added.

People who get tested and do not have symptoms will not be required to quarantine while waiting for their test results, however, if you receive a positive result you will be asked to isolate.

The health department says they will not test individuals before a trip, as they cannot guarantee the results will return within the necessary time frame.

Vaccination status has no impact on whether an individual is eligible for COVID-19 testing. Appointments can be made by calling 406-258-INFO.

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