Missoula city county health department

MISSOULA - People have until Aug. 3 before the walk-in immunization clinic will officially end and turn to appointment only.

However, with the possibility of kids returning to in-person class in the fall, parents are encouraged to get their kids vaccinated sooner rather than later.

The clinic is moving to appointments only due to COVID-19 and working to limit crowding in the building. Missoula County Public Schools require students at the kindergarten level to have certain vaccines as well as updated vaccines when they enter seventh grade. A full requirement breakdown can be found here.

"Especially during a pandemic when we're really trying to protect ourselves and other from COVID, it's even more important that we protect each other from those vaccine preventable diseases," said Colleen Morris, immunization services manager. "We don't currently have a vaccine for COVID so I think taking advantage of the vaccines that we do have available and really trying to get our immune systems built up now as much as possible, so always the sooner the better to get that kind of protection."
Masks are required when coming into the Missoula City-County Health Department immunization clinic and right now they are encouraging one parent - one child visits to decrease crowding as much as possible. 
The immunization clinic takes most insurance plans but when it comes to kids, the clinic is able to work off of people's income and can even get the fee down to zero in some circumstances.

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