MISSOULA - With pork production plants closed down in the Midwest, many farmers are forced to euthanize thousands of pigs. But one Bitterroot woman is doing her to support Midwest farmers and Montana families.  

"I was talking to one of my contacts over there and he owns a trucking company and he said he knew a guy who had pigs he needed to sell and they had the trucks available so that's how it got started," Katelynn Rennaker said.

Rennaker then posted to Facebook to see if her friends in the Bitterroot would want to buy any pigs too. In just two days she got more than 200 orders.

"I have one more truck coming this week that one is all sold, and I have a lot of interest and commitments on more it's just a matter of finding the processors that can take care of them," Rennaker said.

One truck can carry 180 pigs. Rennaker said she will be donating at least two pigs per truck to local food banks.

She's also looking for folks to sponsor donated pigs to help cover the cost of processing the meat for the food banks.

Orders and sponsors can be placed over Facebook.

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