MSU Northern to begin semester on original date Aug. 31

HAVRE, Mont. - The Montana State University Northern chancellor in Havre released a letter to staff and students, announcing the university's COVID-19 safety and support plans for this fall.

The following is the letter from MSUN Chancellor Greg Kegel:

Dear Northern,


The start of the fall semester is just one month away, and I’m proud of the work that our MSUN team has done to prepare for the safe return of our faculty and students to campus. While the situation remains fluid, we have developed a strong framework that includes both discipline and flexibility. We cannot anticipate every circumstance, but we are ready to face whatever comes next.


Here are just some of the safety and support systems we have put in place for our MSUN community this fall:


Residence Halls

Almost all of our students will be living in single rooms throughout our residence halls.

·     Morgan Hall floors will be limited to no more than 20 students per floor (plus 1 RA).

·     Mackenzie Hall floors will be limited to no more than 15 students per floor (plus 1 RA).

·     Visitors will not be allowed to access residence halls throughout the fall semester.

·     Daily deep cleanings of common areas will be conducted & sanitizing stations will be available.

·     Lounges will be closed and locked, but the main kitchen will remain available.


Dining Room & SUB Access

·     The Dining Room will be open for to-go meals only. No self-serve stations will be available.

·     The SUB lower level lounge will be closed. The weight room is also closed to the public.

·     The bookstore remains open. Please be mindful of posted maximum occupancy at all times.


Face Coverings

·      One face covering (mask) will be provided to every student at Northern upon their arrival.

·     Face coverings are required indoors at all times, except…

·     when a student is required to wear alternate or additional personal protective equipment that covers the nose and mouth, as designated by area-specific safety protocols (lab or shop settings, etc.);

·     when alone (or with their assigned roommate) in designated residence hall room or within own apartment in student family housing;

·     when eating or drinking in a situation where social distancing is practiced;

·     or when approved for accommodation through MSUN Accessibility Services (students seeking an accommodation should contact the MSUN Office of Accessibility Services).

·     Face coverings are only required outdoors when social distancing of 6 feet or more between individuals cannot be met, or when gatherings include 50 or more people.


Student Expectations

·     Self-Isolation | Prior to arrival, we strongly recommend isolating for 14 days without contact outside of a student’s immediate household. Students who are ill or experiencing symptoms are asked not to return to campus until they are symptom free, as outlined by CDC and local public health guidelines.

·     Face Coverings | Masks, face shields, or other face coverings are to be brought and worn consistently everywhere on campus. This remains one of the most effective means available to us to ensure everyone’s health and safety on campus.

·     Social Distancing & Hygiene | Be mindful at all times of the need for 6 or more feet between you and others and wash or sanitize hands frequently. Local and national health guidelines continue to show the value in social distancing and consistent and regular hand-washing.

·     Occupancy, Entrances & Exits | Posted maximum occupancy signs can be found outside almost every room on campus. Some buildings on campus may have identified foot traffic patterns for entering or exiting a space.

·     Respect | Each of us may be called upon at some point to ask another to change their behavior to keep others safe. Be respectful of those who do, support their efforts, and comply when asked.


I am very proud of our MSUN community’s commitment to making this year a safe and healthy one, so that we can continue to meet our mission and give our students an excellent academic experience. We understand that while change is never easy, we value one another and will protect one another’s health.

Safety First Northern.




Greg Kegel

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