Hudson Beard

MISSOULA, Mont. - Around 10% of people who get COVID-19 continue to experience symptoms long after they test positive, they are known as Long-Haulers.

While most Long-Haulers are adults, children aren't immune. One 13-year-old boy here in Missoula has been feeling the effects of COVID for over three months.

Hudson Beard wakes up nearly every day dizzy and with migraines. Months after trying different medications and even talking with Dr. Fauci, the family is still looking for answers.

Before being diagnosed with the coronavirus Hudson was just a normal kid who liked to go swimming and play outside. But now he is in constant pain and goes to physical therapy to help manage the lingering symptoms of COVID-19.

"Sometimes I have good days but most of them are bad," Hudson Beard explained, "but on my good days I think I over do it so the next day I wake up with a worse migraine."

But its more than just migraines and dizziness, its affecting Hudson's heart and liver.

"He is on an anticoagulant for his heart and that is directly related to COVID," Hudson's Mom Lisa Beard said.

Right now doctors can't give an answer to why Hudson is taking so long to recover. So, all they can do right now is manage his symptoms.

"Show them the box," Lisa said as Hudson holds up a red box full of prescription bottles, "these are all of the medications we have tried."

And cases like Hudson's even baffle Dr. Fauci.

"No other doctors can help me, can you help me?" Hudson asked Dr Fauci during the 2021, Mansfield Lecture, held at the University of Montana.

"We don't know enough about it Hudson, for me to honestly tell you what is going to happen over the next couple of months to a year," Fauci replied.

That is difficult to hear for someone who just wants to get better.

"Its hard to be sick for a long time and not seeing your friends." Hudson said.

While Hudson's mom said its hard not to have answers, she's thankful for the community they have through his school and their church here in Missoula.


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