Dr. Desnick COVID update Sept. 3

PARK COUNTY, Mont. - In an update from the Park City-County Health Department, Dr. Laurel Desnick reported the death of a resident due to COVID-19. That makes three deaths in three weeks.

Over the past week there were reportedly 3,830 new COVID cases in the state, Dr. Desnick said, with reports that nearly every ICU in Montana is full.

And after a decent summer, some may question why cases are on the rise again. 

"The driving force behind this current surge is our human behavior. Many of us are simply tired of hearing about COVID. Masks can be uncomfortable, staying home can be lonely and frustrating," Dr. Desnick said. "We can't afford one more lost paycheck, or the hassle of finding someone to watch our kids if they are stuck at home. We want businesses open, kids in school and dinner out with friends. But the relaxing of our old precautions sets up the community for more infections and hardships."

Dr. Desnick went on to encourage those who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, for everyone to wear a mask while indoors and to cooperate with voluntary quarantine if you are a close contact.

"Let's do our best to enjoy this holiday weekend while taking every precaution to prevent further cases of COVID in our community," Dr. Desnick said.

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