Partnership Health

MISSOULA, Mont. - It's a question many of you have been asking us "When will I get my COVID-19 vaccine?" Well thanks to a new federal program the answer could be soon.

The Biden Administration calls the new program the "Federally qualified health center COVID-19 vaccine program." And it focuses on distributing vaccines to undeserved or vulnerable populations across the nation.

The Partnership Health Center in Missoula is one of 250 providers across the county selected to receive extra doses directly from the federal government.

They say there's a significant population in Missoula county, and all across the nation, facing barriers to access the vaccine.

Whether they don't have internet or can't get to a drive through clinic. Partnership has over 6,400 patients who qualifying for the vaccine in phase 1B and they say they will help bridge the gap as a federally qualified health center.

"We are excited to use this pipeline in addition to what ever comes in through the state and into Missoula County through that route to really focus on the highest risk among those 6150 and as we grow the operation to that whole group," PHC Communications and Development Administrator Eric Halverson said.

The program is still in early stages so Partnership doesn't know the exact number of doses they will receive yet. But they expect to start getting shipments from the federal government sometime in March.


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