Stevensville launches COVID-safe practices certification for businesses

Courtesy: Town of Stevensville

STEVENSVILLE - Right now, one Montana town is doing what they can to reinforce best practices and help businesses operate in a COVID-19 world.

The town of Stevensville is giving out special certification for businesses to put on their store windows or website as a way to join together and outwardly show that they are working toward a safer Stevensville for business owners and customers.

Once a business shows that they have met requirements in the Altogether Stevensville plan, businesses are awarded special recognition with a badge showing they are equipped to offer safe and responsible service. This is also helpful for those who may be at risk to quickly spot businesses that are going the extra mile.

“This program is an opportunity for the Stevensville business community to position Stevensville as a leader for COVID-safe practices as businesses navigate a new way of doing business,” mayor Brandon Dewey said. “The Town of Stevensville is committed to supporting programs and initiatives that help businesses create safe and responsible environments for everyone.”

Some other benefits for businesses that become Stevi Safe Certified include the recognition, inclusion in the new Stevi Safe Certified business directory, participation in a peer learning community tp share best practices, troubleshoot challenges and access to additional resources.

For businesses that are interested in becoming Stevi Safe Certified you can go through the process at this website.

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