Coronavirus vaccine

CHOTEAU, Mont. - For those trying to get vaccinated in Teton County, Montana, the health department said they will come to them.

In Teton County, people can make a home vaccination appointment. The county said those who are unable to attend mass vaccination clinics may qualify to get one at home.

Qualifying people must be 70-years-old, 18 to 69-years-old with high-risk conditions and you must be homebound with no access to transportation.

Make an appointment by sending an email to this address or by calling (406) 466-2562. 

Right now the March 5, 2021, mass vaccination site clinics in Choteau are currently are listed as full, the two other clinics are not yet opened for appointments, all three of those are for second doses.

We sent an email to the county asking for more information about first dose clinics, when more information is available ill update you on our website.

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