The Event at Rebecca Farm adapts to coronavirus protocols

Courtesy: The Event at Rebecca Farm

KALISPELL - The Event at Rebecca Farm will look different this year due to coronavirus safety protocols put in place by state and local governing officials.

Some of the biggest changes to the Event include a cap of about 300 participants, mandatory masks, daily temperature checks, and unfortunately no spectators this year.

Only competitors, grooms, coaches, parents of minors and volunteers will be allowed at this year's event. Daily self temperature checks and logs will be kept and face coverings must be worn at all times when not on a horse. 

These protocols were put in place by Rebecca Farm's state and local governing bodies and without them, the Event would not be able to happen.

"The majority of the competitors realize that they need to obey the rules, wear a mask, do a temperature log all of that, because they really do want to keep the sport going," said Sarah Broussard, organizer.

Even though spectators aren't allowed at Rebecca Farm this year, you can still catch all of the action through a live stream that will be on their website.

The Event at Rebecca Farm will run July 24 - 26 and is still in need of volunteers to help things run smoothly. There is not a deadline to sign up as a volunteer this year.

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