Pangea and Stave & Hoop

While businesses around the country are struggling to stay open or are even closing their doors for good, two new restaurants have actually popped up along Higgins Avenue in Missoula.

From dinner, to drinks, and full of customers both Stave & Hoop and Pangea are finally open after having to close their doors before even serving a single dish.

"It is great to have people in the building I literally sat in an empty restaurant for two months by my self and it was really nice that first day to see people in the building," Managing Partner Kyle Riggs said.

Even though opening during the COVID-19 Pandemic was difficult Riggs said he can see the bright side of it.

"Id much rather be in our shoes than a lot of people where they have to work backward and recreate who they are we get to work forward," Riggs said.

The restaurant was originally set up to serve lunch and dinner, but owners decided to stick with just dinner for now. And as Missoula county continues its road to reopening Riggs said adding a lunch menu isn't the only thing he's looking forward to.

"I'm really looking forward to being able to do events in our barrel room and event space down stairs I'm a wine simoes, I wanna do wine tastings I want to do wine dinners," Rigs said.

But for right now Riggs will have to focus on moving his two restaurants forward. With the sleek and modern Pangea upstairs and the prohibition style speakeasy Stave & Hoop down the stairs in the alley, no matter what door you walk through Riggs says there will be something for everyone.

"It is a restaurant for everyone we don't sell $60 steaks we don't sell $15 burgers, we want this to be a place for everyone," Riggs said, "no matter if you want a glass of imported wine or just a bud light."

Pangea and Stave & Hoop are a part of the Liquid Planet Restaurant group and they plan to open more restaurants in the future.

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