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HELENA, Mont. - A COVID-19 briefing from professionals at the Department of Public Health and Human Services and the governor’s office was held based on information available as of Oct. 8.

According to a release regarding the readout of the briefing from the Office of the Governor, cases of COVID-19 in Montana increased by 12% from the week before, with 6,837 cases.

Hospitalizations related to COVID-19 were also reported to be up 6% from the week before, averaging 445 patients hospitalized for COVID each day.

Last week, 70 Montanans passed from COVID-19, and the release notes that the figure captures deaths reported during the period and may include past deaths, as DPHHS is conducting a data reconciliation process.

Unvaccinated Montanans accounted for 85% of hospitalizations and 78% of deaths between April 1 and Oct. 1.

Over that same period, the median age of unvaccinated individuals who were hospitalized was 61, and the median age of vaccinated individuals who were hospitalized with a breakthrough case was 75.

The median age of unvaccinated individuals who died was 71, and the median age of vaccinated individuals who died as a result of a breakthrough case was 83 during the same time frame.

In the same period, the youngest unvaccinated individual who died from COVID was 24 years of age, and the youngest vaccinated individual who died from COVID as a result of a breakthrough case was 43 years of age.

For the week ending Oct. 8, 16,617 vaccine doses were administered. The release notes that data for the most recent week are preliminary and are expected to be an underestimate of the doses administered during the week, due to a reporting lag.

In the first eight days in October, 47,514 tests for COVID-19 were conducted. In November 2020, an average of 36,000 tests were completed weekly.

Delta is still the predominant variant in Montana, with 99.8% of specimens collected and sequenced in September and October being Delta.

This week, the state received over 1,900 doses of monoclonal antibody treatment (mAb).

As of Friday, Oct. 15, 163 National Guardsmen are supporting 13 facilities.

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