COVID-19 vaccine

KALISPELL, Mont. - Governor Greg Gianforte announced Tuesday, COVID-19 vaccines will be made available to all Montana adults April 1, 2021. In light of that, the Flathead City-County Health Department (FCCHD) is encouraging all interested and eligible individuals to add their name to the COVID-19 vaccination list by using the online vaccine request form.

You can access the form at by computer, tablet or smart phone.

Once a form is submitted, an FCCHD staff member will contact you via phone call to schedule a vaccination appointment when a vaccine becomes available. Please note that schedulers are calling seven days a week, and may be calling from several different phone numbers. To ensure individuals receive an appointment, FCCHD advises those individuals on the waiting-to-be-scheduled list to answer calls from unknown callers with (406) area codes as it may be staff calling to schedule a vaccination appointment. They said it may take several weeks to receive a scheduling call.

Submitting an online request form is the easiest method to be added to the list to receive the vaccine. However, if internet access is unavailable individuals may also call the COVID-19 Vaccine Line at 406-751-8119.

Flathead County is administering all three vaccines currently approved for emergency use—Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. The recently approved Johnson & Johnson vaccine is available in very limited supply by appointment only. For more information about the different vaccines, you can visit the Flathead Health website.

“We will work hard to vaccinate eligible Montanans, but we ask the community for their continued patience,” Joe Russell, Health Officer of the Flathead City-County Health Department, said. “If you are interested in receiving a vaccine, please submit an online form and our staff will contact you as soon as vaccine is available.”

Information about vaccine distribution may change rapidly. For updated weekly information, please visit the Flathead City-County Health Department COVID-19 Vaccine website.


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