Maedche Mug

Courtesy: Cascade County 

According to court documents, Great Falls police were called to conduct a welfare check at 1417 8th Avenue South on Friday, April 24 just before 11 a.m.

Dispatch advised the responding officer that Ronald Maedche could be present. Maedche had a no bond warrant out for his arrest. Court documents note the individual was a victim of a PFMA involving Maedche.

Two people allowed police inside and into the backyard. The officer noticed people were in the garage and were not listening to the officer’s requests.

According to court documents, Probation and Parole called in U.S. Marshals to enter the garage and search for Maedche.

He was later found in the garage and was immediately arrested.

A Probation and Parole Officer discovered a white crystal substance in the garage next to the bed where Maedche and another person were staying. The substance later tested positive for methamphetamine.

Maedche did not answer questions about the substance and even asked to stop being questioned.

According to court documents, after the initial complaint, the affidavit supports probable cause in the case because he was residing in the garage.  

Maedche has been charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs, a felony. He was taken to the Cascade County Detention Center. If convicted he could spend 5 years in jail or be fined $5,000. Maedche has two prior drug convictions and has failed to appear in court 4 times.  

His bail is set at $7,500.00

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