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With all 32 precincts partially reporting and none fully reporting, Gallatin County is voting in favor of placing a local sales tax on both medical and non-medical marijuana sales.

As of 4:19 a.m. MST, 30,296 (74%) of 40,818 voters have voted to levy a 3% local-option sales tax on all non-medical marijuana products sold in Gallatin County, as opposed to 10,522 (26%) votes against.

The race is tighter when it comes to the possibility of placing the same 3% local-option sales tax on medical marijuana sales in Gallatin County, but "for" votes still lead, with 22,547 (56%) for and 18,045 (44%) votes against.

According to the Gallatin County Council of Commissioners, the local-option taxes would go into effect on March 1, 2023 if passed, and a portion of the taxes would go toward funding mental health services.

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